Best Buy Review

  • Best Buy Review

    A publicly traded retailer, Best Buy was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak in West St. Paul, MN as an audio specialty store. Now headquartered in Richfield, MN, Best Buy has since morphed into a worldwide consumer electronics retailer with current operations in China, Canada and Mexico.

    Best Buy makes connecting your home technology easier. With Circuit City and other extinct electronics retailers choking on Best Buy’s dust, Best Buy is the first, best and sometimes the only, electronics brick-and-mortar retailer that comes to mind when making a TV purchase. There’s a reason Best Buy has survived where others have failed. Its associates are pretty knowledgeable, and they are not paid by commission. And it has choices: a huge portion of each store is dedicated to home entertainment, of which TVs are the focal point.

    Here are Three Reasons to Use BestBuy

    Great Deals.
    Best Buy doesn’t always have the lowest asking prices on all items, there are some arenas in which is often does. Some of the best deals tend to be on the doorbuster-style deals on items like laptops and TV’s that it advertises in its weekly circulars (so check there before hitting the store), and BestBuy also tends to have great deals on big-ticket items like TVs. Another area where you can find great deals are on cell phones and televisions, especially LCD and LED TVs, and quite often large appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators are often priced very low. There are also great deals on items that have been previously opened, often these are items people return after opening or previously displayed items.

    Price-Matching Policy.
    Best buy has a great price match policy. Best Buy has very consumer-friendly store policies, one being a low-price guarantee or a price-matching policy, which many other stores, especially smaller stores, don’t have.

    Check this out: At the time of your purchase, you can show the Best Buy customer service rep an ad or web address with a lower listed price for an identical item, and then the retailer will match the price of an identical item from a local retailer or from a major online retailer like, Dell, HP, Newegg, and TigerDirect, as well as from its own website As simple as pulling up the competitors price on your smartphone and showing it to the person at the register.

    Price-adjustment policy.
    If Best Buy puts an item you bought on sale within about 14 or 15 days of your purchase, you can get a one-time price adjustment on that item, which means you end up essentially paying the lower price. You can’t beat that!

    Why we like Best Buy
    For those who don’t feel comfortable buying a TV online, Best Buy provides a great in-person selection, and its stores can be found just about everywhere. BestBuy provides you the rare double option of having a strong online presence as well as many stores in your area. Most of its competitors are strong in only one of those areas. Its online search function is very intuitive, much more than some of the other companies, and almost on par with Amazon’s. Some companies’ search engines make you type in an exact model, Best Buy (and Amazon) are more likely to return the results you’re looking for without frustration. Go to BestBuy using our links for the best prices anywhere.

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