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  • Carry and Drag by Michelle Frost
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    “Carry and Drag” from The Open Wounds Series by Michelle Frost. (review below)



    Lift. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

    Qualifying to compete on a national level is all that’s on power lifter Dagen Rourke’s mind. After an injury sidelined him the previous year, his only goal has been to overcome the physical challenges and mental demons to get back in the game. Falling into bed with the new artist at his brother’s tattoo shop was never part of his training schedule. Now he has to find a balance between the time he wants to give Ollie and the brutal training for what could be the most important competition of his life.

    Run. Tattoo. Doze. Keep going.

    Oliver Vos jumps at the chance to work at Vidar Rourke’s award-winning tattoo shop, Open Wounds. Getting out from under a nasty mentor and making it on his own is all Ollie has dreamed of for years. Unbeknownst to him, the room Vidar offers to rent him until he’s back on his feet would have him sharing space with tempting gentle giant, Dagen.

    Living together is an adjustment, and when the heat between them morphs into something more will old insecurities and new tests drag them apart? Or will they find a way to carry the weight of their burdens…together?

    Carry and Drag is the introductory novella to the contemporary MM romance series Open Wounds. This book contains mature content meant for adult readers.

    Review By Barbara:

    Kudos to Ms. Frost for a job well done on Carry and Drag. This is a wonderful MM Novella that captured my attention and emotions from the very start. The book is very well written with characters you can’t help but fall in love with. The storyline is funny, flirty and sexy as heck with all those Rourke Brothers and their friends. Plus, there are moments of aghast that will have you gasping.

    Ms. Frost’s flair for words will keep you turning page after page as we meet the Rourke brothers and the situations and people that drive them. Trust me when I says these brothers are a force to be reckoned with and I sure wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. The book features what I call gentle giants; men that are the strong protective macho type yet have a soft side and huge hearts. This is so true with Dagen and Oli.

    Vidar (Dagen’s brother) owns a Tattoo Shop and Gym and Dagen lives in the apartment above the the shop. Vidar informs Dagen he is going to have a temporary roommate (something Dagen isn’t really happy about as he like his privacy). But when Oli shows up looking oh so sexy yet broken on the inside, Dagen’s protective nature comes out. But can he break through Oli’s walls and get him to open up to him? Oli lives with deep rooted fears, self loathing and trust issues. While he has never met anyone like the Rourke brothers, especial Dagen, he can’t shake fears from his past. Does he dare let them in? Does he dare tell his secrets? Has he finally found a place he can call home or will his past put him on the run again?

    I can’t recommend this book enough. It will have your emotions running the gambit while taking a journey of hate, trust and love. Carry and Drag is a fantastic start to the Open Wounds series and this reader is looking forward to Take Down (Harbor’s story) which is due out next. 2 Thumbs Up and do yourself a favor and grab this one up now, you won’t regret it!


    Meet the Author

    Michelle Frost:
    Stories have always been Michelle Frost’s escape. Even as a kid, she can remember writing stories featuring her favorite cartoon characters. Now, her characters are a little more grown up, as are the stories she likes to tell. A self-proclaimed coffee addict and a bit of an introvert, she can most likely be found at any given time, on any given day with her hands on a keyboard or her nose in a book.

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