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    “Chevelle” a standalone from the Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers Series by Sapphire Knight. (review below)



    She was just a job.
    I needed to get in and uncover the Iron Fists’ next move. They’d hit the Oath Keepers enough in the past, and being the newest member, it was up to me to get close. Had I known I’d be getting close to Chevelle, maybe I could’ve prepared myself. I went in seeking revenge and came out wanting to protect one thing—her.

    Running The Pit was my life.
    I needed nothing and no one except my cars and a heart-thumping race. Gear head, Pit Master, alpha bitch, take your pick on what you’d rather call me. However, make note of one thing: I take shit from no one. Not even a broody, bossy, gorgeous biker aiming for my race spot and heart.

    Complete standalone/HEA/No cheating/Over The Top Alpha

    Review By Barbara:

    Truth: Every woman out there need a little Mercenary in their lives. Well that is if the Mercenary is like the guy that has infiltrated Chevelle’s life (Much to her displeasure). The author has written an excellent storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat, your toes curling and a smile on your face from Chevelle and Mercenary’s antics. Not to mention all the excitement from the Oath Keepers we’ve come to know and love and their ole ladies.

    Chevelle is one tough lady. Having grown up on the streets since she was a teen, she has fought and scraped to make a place in the world. She is also under the protection of the Oath Keepers MC (not that she really feel like she needs their protection or any ones for that matter). Chevelle runs the local Race Pit, where she works on her cars and races every Saturday night. When word gets to the Viking, the Prez on the Oath Keepers, that their rival MC is looking to cause her trouble, he sends in Mercenary to get the low down. Mercenary has recently transferred to the Oath Keepers MC in Texas. He’s the swing first ask questions later type and after a few run ins at his old club in Chicago, he was forced to make the move. When his new prez, Viking, sends him to The Pit, he quickly learns “Chevelle” is a sexy blonde bombshell with mad driving and mechanical skills and his inner beast wants her from the first glance. Sadly, Chevelle doesn’t need or want want what he has to offer.

    Chevelle and Mercenary both have a stubborn streak a mile long. They clash at every turn and the banter between them is humorous and sexy as all get out as they strut their dominance. But what happens when trouble finally comes to call? Can they put their personal clash aside? I LOVE this series and the guys of the Oath Keepers MC. They are rough around the edges and as tough as they come but the protect what’s theirs and their old ladies with a fierceness that will grab you by the heartstrings. If I could give this series more stars, I totally would. But for now I can just say 2 Thumbs up for a phenomenal 5 star series and 5 stars for an awesome addition to the series in Chevelle. I highly recommend this MUST READ; you won’t regret it.

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