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  • Ebay Review

    In 1995 by founder Pierre Omidyar launched a site that would bring together buyers and sellers in an honest and open marketplace on the internet, he called it AuctionWeb.

    The site was an instant success and by the end of the 1st year had sold over $7.2 million worth of items from sellers to buyers. By the end of the first 1st year Pierre had also quit his day job to develop AuctionWeb as well as hired the first president of the EBAY Board, Mr. Jeff Skoll.

    In 1996 they rented a small suite at 1025 Hamilton Avenue in San Jose, CA, in what’s now known as Building 6 (Music) on the current eBay campus, to be their headquarters. By mid 1997 AuctionWeb has sold over 1 million items and in September 1996 the company was officially renamed Ebay.

    The company continued to grow at an enormously fast pace. By July of 1999 Ebay was up in running in several countries such as the U.K., Australia and Germany. As of today, eBay is available in 180 countries, had numerous subsidiary divisions such as Ebay Automotive and added several features such as Buy it Now, Ebay stores, Bill me Later, and many more. Eba has acquired numerous businesses such as Skype, PayPal (which later turned into it’s own independent company), GumTree, StubHub, Sotheby’s, and many more.

    Book Review Express is here to help you, the buyer, buy the things you want and need want from the millions of sellers and products by having those items right at your fingertips.

    5 Great Reasons to Shop with Ebay:

    Convenience – Time is money: when you shop with Book Review Express and Ebay, you can shop from the comfort of your own home without primping to shop or travel time or gas.

    Ease: Shopping Ebay via Book Review Express is a breeze. Click on Book Review Express/Ebay from your home or office PC as well as your mobile device. The interface between shopper and seller has never been easier and if you are bidding on an item you can get instant alerts to your email or phone.

    Selection – There is always a huge variety of items listed on Ebay to meet your needs. Items from the simplest such as a book or CD to the extreme like a car, real estate or yacht. Book Review Express/Ebay can help you find just the right thing and often with numerous matches to bid or “Buy Now” on.

    Rare/Unique: Ebay via Book Review Express can often help you find that rare one of a kind or vintage item that you just can’t buy at the store. Such as replacing grandma gravy boat or that unique gift you can’t seem to find anywhere else. Not to mention the just plain crazy!

    Fun: Ebay via Book Review Express can be just plain ole fun: finding and bidding just the right items to fit your needs and budget. You know what you have to spend and you can set the max and let the site do the rest for you.
    Book Review Express highly recommends shoppers to shop Ebay.

    They the largest bid/auction marketing type retailer online – which mean shopping at your convenience and from your PC or mobile device. You can find things for all aspects of your life from numerous of Ebay sellers. Many items have the “Buy Now” feature that let you bypass the bidding stage and pay the seller’s asking price or you can bid on an item and set your cap price and let the site bid for you til your cap is reach.

    Plus you can set the alerts to keep tabs on the bids and your status on winning that item. And last but not least, you have a number of sellers to do business with in one spot and since many sellers are selling the same products or similar products, you will have the option to choose who you want to do business with – all from the convenience of your one stop shopping spot – Book Review Express.

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