Emercury Review

  • Emercury Review

    Emercury is a web-based e-marketing platform for small and medium sized businesses and organizations to collect visitor email addresses as well as create and manage online email campaigns. Emercury has tools to meet most emailing advertising needs via bulk sending.  Emercury was one of the first emailing platforms that allows business and advertisers to use their existing email traffic to advertise their products and services with targeted ads based on “you” (the mailer’s” needs.  Emercury’s web based email marketing platform is designed to enable you to do so many things: manage your email/marketing lists, create professional looking html campaigns for desktops as well as mobile devices, track various activity level on each campaign and even track the activity for every subscriber on your list.

    Emercury is easy to use and has services geared towards the advanced email marketer, as well as those new to marketing via email and is always looking for ways to improve it’s services and allow the mailer to targeted it’s audience.

    Key Reasons to Use Emercury

    2 Easy ways to create your campaigns. You, the mailer, can load your own HTML using our “custom template” into one of Emercury’s many available templates or you can create html campaigns by simply pasting your content in to a wizard driven templates which will create the HTML for you. Once created, Emercury delivers your email champaign’s within minutes of you sending your campaign. (Of course the arrival into your messages in your customers’ inbox will depend on their ISP)

    Emercury accepts email addresses into it’s platform in 3 file formats; .txt (text file), .csv (Comma Separated Values) and .xls (MS Excel Spreadsheet). The Emercury wizard guide you through the process of importing your email lists with little hassle.  Emercury provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be put on your website for those who don’t have a client list of emails. Visitors to your site can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to your Emercury account.

    Emercury offers a free trial bases. After that Emercury offers two payment options: you can pay for the service monthly or prepay in advance (6 or 12 months packages) and receive a discounted price. Your fee is determined by the maximum number of unique email addresses you have in your account for any billing period. There are no contracts to  sign and you don’t have to commit to any given amount of time when signing up for our free trial. No credit card is required when signing up for the free trial.

    Your private list of clientele is alway protected behind heavily secured firewalls. Your lists will reside in your Emercury account until you remove them. You lists will never be rented, shared or sold.

    Emercury includes a CAN-SPAM compliance package that automates most of the requirements required by law making the program compatible with anti-spam laws. Plus, Emercury has a bounce management feature that allows you to see which addresses bounced and for what reasons. Additionally it will allow you to export those addresses for easy bounce management of your lists.

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