Endless Obsession

  • Endless Obsession
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    “Endless Obsession” by Alex Grayson! (review below)


    I’ve silently watched her for a year, staying hidden in the shadows, biding my time.
    She may know me as two different men, but she doesn’t have a clue what I’ve done.
    She unknowingly became mine the moment my eyes touched her beauty.
    But I’ve done things… things she may not be able to forgive.

    I know all her secrets, her habits, her preferred coffee, what she does in her spare time, her favorite lingerie brand, and that she sleeps naked.

    At night, I watch her from her window. During the day, I watch her from my computer. She innocently bares her heart and body to me, and I soak up every fucking second of it.

    I’ve stayed away, but I’m tired of watching her from afar. It’s time Poppy finds out just who I am and what I’m willing to do to take what’s mine. She may hate me when she finds out the lengths I’ve gone to with the things I’ve done, but she has no choice but to accept it. She will be my wife. She will mother my children. I will claim every part of her heart, body, and soul. Anything else is unacceptable.

    Poppy Lexington has become my endless obsession. I will become her uncontrollable addiction.


    What an awesome book – no other words for it!. This was my first Alex Grayson book and I’m sure going to be looking up and watching for more! The characters were well defined and easy to get attached to.

    As I read Endless Obsession, I found myself lost in a world of just how far one man would go to get what he wants! And what Asher Knight wants is Poppy and for her to be his forever. I must admit his ways are a bit extreme and borderline weird but he has his reasons for being and acting as he does.

    The author does an amazing job of making you want to love, hate, shake and scream at Asher and Poppy as the story unfolds. But more importantly, the author will keep you glued to the pages as this truly amazing storyline takes hold of your heartstrings! (On and just for the record, the live scenes are HOT HOT HOT).

    This is a definite 1-click that you Do Not want to miss out on! I say: 2 Thumbs Up for this one!

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