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    Book Review Express 5 Star Review Corner Ecstatically brings you Gentlemen’s Agreement by the Amazing Ethan Radcliff. One of today’s premier male erotic authors! (Review Below)



    Gentlemen’s Agreement
    ***Mature Content 18 and over please***

    Chad Henderson and Jon Lasiter were best friends. Their taste in women always caused a problem. They always went after the same woman. Cleo Davenport was older and sophisticated, with a bevy of men at her fingertips. She was a high-priced Madam and Domme. Chad rejected the lifestyle and Jon embraced it. Both wanted the beautiful older woman in their bed. Could they reach an agreement that would suit all their needs?


    Mr. Radcliff has written an awesome book that is not only erotically HOT, it is also a story that shows us that life isn’t always what it seems and that sometimes, just sometimes, we need to step outside our comfort zones to actually learn what we want and need in our lives. If I could, I would give it three sets of stars: 5 for the HOT factor, 5 for the HOLY COW WHAT A STORY factor and 5 because it is a ONE-CLICK MUST!!! Simply put: If you like erotic romance this book is not to be missed.

    I don’t do spoilers, but here is just a tiny capsule of the pleasures that await you when when reading Gentlemen’s Agreement: When two men, best friends in fact, both want the same woman can they come to some type of “gentlemen’s agreement” or will it in fact ruin said friendship? Chad and Jon are two just such friends.

    Chad has recently broken off with his two year girlfriend Lora and is struggling to move on. When he sees Jon and his “new girl” at another friend’s wedding, Chad feels an instant attraction to her, and it’s obvious she feels it too!.However Chad decides not to act on it because she’s his best friends girl. A few days later, Jon tells Chad he’s joined a BDSM club and that Cloe is his Mistress. Chad is not into that lifestyle but when Jon says that he and Cloe want him to come to the club as “their guest”, Chad decides he can’t turn down the opportunity to see Cloe again. And who knows, perhaps the night will help with him move on from Lora. What follows at the club and weeks after that initial night is a journey into the souls of two very different men. A hot steamy journey that had this reader sighing and breathless with anticipation.

    I highly recommend Gentlemen’s Agreement and I offer Mr. Radcliff a very hearty 2 THUMBS UP!!



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