Last Resort Hotel, Room 58

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    The Last Resort Motel, Room 58″ from BT Clearwater. (review below)

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    Synopsis for Room 58:

    Maggie and Claire couldn’t be more different, especially where love is concerned. Maggie, stuck in the middle of the Nevada desert, has given up on men, on romance, and on herself. Claire has escaped her senior care facility and fled to the Last Resort Motel to meet her husband for their anniversary, leaving behind drugs that help mitigate the symptoms of a disease. But when Claire’s husband is late and a mysterious man shows up in her room, Claire finds herself giving in to temptation. Meanwhile, Maggie struggles to keep her self-imposed moratorium on men when a rogue biker starts revving his way into her heart. With the authorities closing in, and Claire’s health declining rapidly, time is short. One woman must learn to let go, while the other has to hold on if either is going to find love at the Last Resort Motel.

    Review By Barbara:

    I know I have said this about past novellas in this series, but I just love this series and concept. Each month we get a new storyline from a different author. Each story centers around a different room at the Last Resort Motel and each Room has its own story to tell. Each storyline containing events surrounding that room both past and present and let me tell you so far they have all been outstanding.

    Room 58: The author has done an outstanding job of writing a storyline that will touch your heart and having you feeling all the amazing emotions of life, love and letting go. The story revolves around two ladies, one young and one old. One afraid to love and one that doesn’t want to let go of love. When fate (or maybe the mojo from room 58) brings them together can they heal one another? To Ms. Clearwater I say Kudos for a job well done and a huge thank you for a book that took me on a wonderful emotion ride. To other readers I Highly Recommend both Room 58 and the Last Resort Motel Novella Series. It’s a wonderful addition to a phenomenal series. 2 Thumbs Up

    Meet the Author

    BT Clearwater:
    B.T. Clearwater grew up writing stories, winning Literary Student of the Year for Lake George Central High School in 1984. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Western State Colorado University, graduating both Summa Cum Laude, and is a two-time alum of the Superstars Writing Seminars run by Kevin J. Anderson. B.T. routinely judges the Zebulon writing contest for Pike’s Peak Writers, and has published fiction under the science fiction, fantasy, romance, western, horror, and crime genres under different pen names. B.T. Clearwater lives in Colorado Springs with a dog, a cat, and a cast of fictional characters for company.

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