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    “Like a Boss” by Logan Chance. This is a new author that we feel his a bright future in the book world. (review below)



    Like A Boss – A Duet Series

    Theo Sullivan is the new boss of The Lopa, a classy tiki bar in the heart of South Beach, Miami.
    Little does he know, a certain bartender doesn’t think he has what it takes to make it.

    Personalities collide as Penelope Marks goes against the boss and tries her hardest to defy him.

    Theo is determined to be a success.
    Penny is determined not to lose.

    What happens if these two get more than they bargained for?
    What if the one person you want more than ever is the one person you hate even more?



    I love a book that has just the right about of romance, sex and humor. Life itself has it’s funny moments and for a first time author, Logan has nailed just the right amount of humor and romance that made this book very enjoyable, at least it was for this reader.

    Theo has dreamed of owning a bar on the beach since he was a young boy. On the he signs the papers and he owns a bar on South Beach, he goes out to celebrate. That is when he meet
    s Penelope, the sexiest bartender he has ever seen. Penelope and Theo have an instant spark and end have Hot Hot Hot sex on the beach. But when Theo wakes up, Penelope is gone. He goes back to her work for days and but he can’t to find her. Trying to get thoughts of Penelope out of his head, Theo puts all his time and efforts into his bar. He soon learns it’s not all glitz and glamour especially when he has to deal with a feisty, know-it-all female bartender named Penny, who wants to be promoted to manager of the bar. Penny drives Theo crazy in more ways than one. They both feel the instant connection but at the same time he can’t forget Penelope and she has a boyfriend.

    Their antics will keep you smiling and sometimes down right laughing out loud as they bump heads in every way possible trying to make the bar a success. Their love/hate for each other will have you wanting to just lock them in a room, watch the sparks fly and see who comes out on top. These two seem to know how to push all the wrong buttons while trying to find the right ones, but you can’t help but love them.

    Does Theo find Penelope? Does Penny finally get the promotion she truly deserves? Does the bar become a success or end up just a pipe dream? My only tip, to both the author and readers: it’s a part 1. I am not fond of books that end and leave you hanging but one thing is for sure this one worked because this reader will be definitely be getting part 2 and finding out what happens. 2 Thumbs up for a great book from a first time author.

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