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    Book Review Express 5 Star Review Corner brings you Tina Donahue’s Moonlight Danger. A Paranormal Suspense Romance that we feel is a must read. Check out the review below:



    Alone for too long, they’ve finally found each other and home.
    Now, they’ll have to fight to keep both safe.

    Nick Wyatt lost his mate and vowed never to love again. The hurt’s too deep. Portia Danes knows about loss. When her parents were killed, they left her as the only shifter in their hometown. Needing to be with her own kind, she found Moonlight…and Nick.

    Nick fights his longing for Portia but can’t resist, coming alive within her loving and lusty embrace.

    Heated days and nights follow. Their bond grows and so do a series of strange accidents in Moonlight. Minor at first then increasing in gravity and frequency. When the pack’s suspicions ignite about Portia, Nick must defend her against an unexpected enemy or risk losing her forever.


    Another great addition to the Hot Moon Rising Series. Moonlight Danger is a Hot yet Tender Romantic Suspenseful story. Tina has created a great storyline that will have you sighing one minute and worried the next. Nick and Portia, two shifters in the town of Moonlight, have electric chemistry and an overwhelming desire for one another. However Nick doesn’t feel he’s worthy of her, due to his past, and Portia needs Nick to help her forget her own past. Portia sets out to convince him that they deserve to be together; while Nick tries to fight his feelings.

    When a series of disasters start happening in the town and everything points to Portia, Nick steps up to defend her to the townspeople as well as keep her safe. But can he? Can they solve the town’s mysteries going on around town to clear Portia’s name? Can the somehow find a way to solve the problems and explore a relationship at the same time? 2 Thumbs Up Tina for a wonderful shifter story that will have reader turning page after page to see what’s going to happen next. Just Awesome!

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