Saving Noah by T.S. McKinney

  • Saving Noah by T.S. McKinney
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    “Saving Noah”, (MM Romance) by T.S. McKinney.(review below)



    Noah tries to do the right thing—protect the innocent and make the evil pay for their sins. But instead of saving the world, he loses himself. After testifying against one of the biggest crime bosses in the country, Noah’s fear of retribution leads to a serious case of agoraphobia. There isn’t much in Noah’s safe zone that calms his nerves… well, except for his short interactions with his surly but hot new neighbor.

    Life crushed Dr. Zachary Meadows’s rose-colored glasses years ago. He makes amends for the deeds of others—and for his failure to protect those in need—by saving as many lives as he can as an ER physician. After early betrayals, he purposefully keeps his circle small. Until he meets his odd new neighbor and unwanted desires cause him to act like a jerk.

    When two survivors collide—one desperate for love and one afraid of it—sparks fly. But just as Zachary and Noah begin to heal one another, the past returns…with a vengeance.
    One. Two. I’ve decided to come for you.
    Three. Four. It won’t help Scaredy Cat to lock his door.

    Five. Six. You committed a sin you can’t fix.
    Seven. Eight. I’ve picked the date.
    Nine. Ten. No one will ever see you again.


    Review By Barbara

    WOW WOW WOW. I started Saving Noah and couldn’t put it down. The storyline and characters grabbed me from the very start and wouldn’t go. The book is very well written to the point I felt like I was right there watching everything unfold and feeling all the emotions the characters were feeling.

    Zachary, a successful doctor with a very dangerous past, has moved into a condo complex and is fascinated by his sexy next door neighbor, John. John, rarely leaves his condo and when he does leave he’s very shy and skittish. Zach sees men dressed in flamboyant outfits going in and out of John’s apartment and he’s convinced John is some type of prostitute, which makes Zach treat John very rudely. But everything changes when John is brought into the ER where Zach works, with a head injury and upon waking has a major anxiety attack. Zach learns John suffers from Agoraphobia. Due to his own past, Zach has an overwhelming need protect John, especially when John tell him his true story, that his name is really Noah St. Clair and he’s in the federal witness protection program. From here the story takes off as Zach learns more and more about his sexy neighbor, his fears and the people out to kill him.

    This is one heck of a suspenseful love story. I laughed, cried and smiled as I read this edge of your seat, touching storyline. I Highly Highly Highly recommend reading Saving Noah. 5 stars doesn’t even begin to say how wonderful this story was to me, but that is all they let me give. Kudos to Ms. Mckinney for writing such a phenomenal book and this reader is anxiously awaiting, Uptown Boy, book 2 in the series.

    Meet the Author

    T.S. McKinney:
    T.S. McKinney has spent her entire life reading, reading, and reading some more! She loves to get lost in the land of fantasy where she can be as naughty as she likes without facing too many penalties! She decided that maybe she should try writing her own naughty stories. That way she could do wickedly delightful things to her imaginary boyfriends without serving any serious jail time!

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