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    “Secret Wishes” from Nikki Ashton’s series, The Connors. (review below)



    Caleb Tremaine is a quiet country boy, who leads a simple life. All he ever wanted, was a family that loved him and to work with his beloved horses – the Connor family gave him all that and more.

    Lorelai, Jesse Connor’s cousin, is wild, sassy and sexy with crazy ways and a great collection of slogan t-shirts. She says it how it is and is never too shy to dish out a bitchy comment – whether it’s needed or not. All she’s ever wanted is to know where the latest party is and which boy she can fool around with next. But, when her crazy goes too far, she’s shipped off to her cousin’s ranch.

    Caleb’s life is turned upside down by Lorelai’s arrival. With her wearing last night’s make-up and itty bitty shorts, he knows she’s going to rock his world. Her inappropriate and flirty proposition at their first meeting not only proves him right, but causes a stirring deep inside him, one he’s not sure he can resist.

    Lorelai’s attraction to the quiet, sexy cowboy is more than just physical. His constant need to call her out on her attitude and reminding her she’s worth much more than that she settles for, triggers emotions she’s sure she doesn’t deserve.

    They shouldn’t work together, but somehow they do and a blossoming friendship soon turns to something so much more.

    Will Lorelai ever believe she is worthy of the love Caleb seems insistent on giving her, or will her past choices come back to ruin her secret wishes.

    Secret Wishes is a story of change, a story of growth and a story of two people who were meant to fall in love.

    Join the Connor family for the final installment of the Connor Ranch Series, in this beautiful, heart-wrenching love story.

    Review By Barbara:

    AN OUTSTANDING BOOK/SERIES! This storyline is absolutely amazing. For that matter the entire series to date has been amazing. The author’s writing style and the characters in the Connor’s series are at the top of my list of all time favorites. The Connors are what I personally picture as the perfect family. Yes they have their individual flaws and problems but the family as a whole seem to have it all together. Each generation from Mom & Dad (Grandma and Grandpa to some) all the way down to the kids/grandkids, have been taught family and life values. No matter what life throws their way, together they can rise above it.

    These values are showcased to the max in Secret Wishes. Caleb, in case you haven’t read the series, was an abused teen that the Connors brought into their home and helped him to overcome his prior life and learn what it means to be a a part of a loving family. He learn to love himself and set a course for success despite how he was raise. In Secret Wishes, Caleb has graduated college and is working on the ranch with Jesse (YEP two HOT HOT HOT Cowboys in this one). His world gets turned on its axis when Jesse’s cousin Lorelai arrives and his attraction to her is almost instant. But can a country boy compete with a city girls wants and desires?

    Lorelai is what I would call a Hot Mess. She is wild to the max, thinks she doesn’t deserve anything good in life and enjoys shocking people with her behavior. But Caleb seems to see right through her masquerade. Don’t get me wrong she does embarrass poor Caleb a time or six, but she doesn’t fool him one bit (well she doesn’t honestly fool any of the Connor clan for that matter). Caleb sees a lot of his own past heartaches in her and sets out to show her she has value and she can make something of herself. That she isn’t defined by her past. A lesson he knows a lot about. Lorelai is drawn to Caleb but she isn’t the good girl he thinks she is and in her mind she doesn’t deserve a good guy like Caleb. Will her past mistakes run him off?

    Reading Caleb and Lorelai’s story is like a breathing in sunshine. It’s tender and heartwarming with lots of humorous moments as well as a few sad ones. But one thing is for sure it will having you smiling and content as you read along. Oh and for all you series readers, yes our box of hearts makes its appearance at the perfect time. I give Secret Wishes a resounding 5 stars (only because that’s all I’m allowed to give it) and to Ms. Ashton I say once again you have written a book that gives its readers hope, happiness, smiles and lots of love. 2 Thumbs up for a phenomenal book and series. I highly recommend Secret Wishes and if you haven’t read the others, Pick up Box of Hearts (book 1) and Angel’s Kisses (book 2) today and get busy reading. You won’t be sorry you did.

    Review By Kathy:

    f ever there was a perfect story, this is it. Wonderfully written, it will attach itself to you and never let you go, even after you have finished the book. Beautiful story of love, one that builds between a sweet, shy, handsome ranch hand and girl who has made so many mistakes in her short life, ones that didn’t hurt anyone other than herself (and maybe her parent’s hearts), but mistakes that she went into head first just doing what she wanted to do. Her parents send her to her aunt and uncle’s ranch, hoping that maybe she would settle herself down. She’s wild, smart mouthed and doesn’t have any self-worth. Until she meets Caleb and he slowly (painfully slowly), shows her that she is worth more than she realizes.

    The characters are so very well written and so very lovable. Characters from the other books are there and make their views known to Caleb and Lorelai regarding their situation and Lorelai’s self-depreciation. Although the guys tend to give the wrong advice in the situation between these two, Caleb decides he just needs to do what he thinks is best in regards to Lorelai. And yes, there is Addy and Clemmie and the two hearts that Clemmie makes for them, giving them to the couple at just the right time.

    I adored this book and I know you will to. I highly recommend this book!

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    Nikki Ashton:
    Nikki lives in Cheshire with her husband, two dogs and a cat and writes romantic humor. Her first two books, Guess Who I Pulled Last Night? and No Bra Required both stayed at number 1 on the Amazon Humor list for 3 & 4 weeks respectively. Nikki’s ambition of becoming a writer started at the age of 10 when she started writing poetry at school, and was given the honor of reading one to the rest of her years group (an horrific experience that she will never forget). Thankfully she has a wide variety of strange and wonderful people in her life, otherwise she’d be stuck on what to write about! She is currently talking to family and friends, finding out their inner most secrets in readiness for her next book.

    Nikki’s books are romances that come with a little more than vanilla sexy times, sometimes a few tears, lots of hot men and feisty women, but ultimately they’ll make you smile.

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