Sonny’s Surrender by D.D. Galvani

  • Sonny’s Surrender by D.D. Galvani
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    “Sonny’s Surrender” The Devil’s Wind MC #3
    by D.D. Galvani
    (review below)


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    Santino De Campo is no stranger to pain. His ex burned him in the worst way possible. Lying, cheating and running off with his newborn son. He left no stone unturned, desperate to find his boy. His ex could burn in hell but his son would know his father.

    How can he let his his brothers know he fell so far? To the point that the woman he thought was the one could leave him without a backward glance?

    Years later, he meets a woman that sets his soul on fire. He decides to take a chance and see where it goes. Soon after his world turns upside down when Gia comes face to face with a child that can only be Sonny’s missing boy. His resemblance to the man she’s beginning to fall for is uncanny and he’s not alone. With him are two young girls and together the three children are living a life no child should ever have to live.

    With his new relationship being put to the test, Sonny must fight like hell to blend his club, his long-lost son, the two young girls and the woman he loves. Would the Devil’s Wind have his back after finding out the secret he’s been keeping from them? Will the baby, now a boy and his “sisters” accept him into the family, or will Sonny surrender to the inevitable and be alone for the rest of his life?


    Review By Barbara

    Oh do I ever love me some Sonny. Every woman should have a guy like him in their lives. Ms Galvani has written another fantastic addition to the Devil’s Wind MC Series. I honestly wasn’t sure it could get any better but somehow it does with each addition she writes. The storylines always seem to pack a punch and the characters couldn’t get any more realistic and loveable. As the title suggests, this is Sonny’s story, and boy does he have a story to tell. From his past which he is still dealing with to his future which takes on a pretty enormous turn from what he expected.

    Sunny is a big guy with a temper that he does his best to get in check. But trust me when I say he’s a big ole teddy bear on the inside at least for those he considers his. From the girls at the club to his woman, he takes the weight of their problems on his shoulders and does everything he can to take care of them (basically he overprotects what he considers “his”). And that woman I just mentioned, is Gia (yep, the same one that saved Breech). Gia is a great gal that has no problem standing up for herself and that includes going toe to toe with Sonny. Trust me when I say she can give as good as she gets.

    These two have a great chemistry and they know it. But trouble comes when Gia finds out about Sonny’s son that was stolen out from under him when he was born. These two will go on one very wild and unexpected ride and it’s one you don’t want to miss. I highly recommend reading Sonny’s story and following along with the good, the bad, the hot and the crazy that is about to come their way. A Huge 5 Stars for Sonny’s Surrender and I wish to say Kudos to Ms. Galvani for a phenomenal job writing not only Sonny’s story but this great MC series as well. I highly recommend grabbing up the series now… you won’t regret it.

    Review By Kathy

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    Meet the Author

    D.D. Galvani
    D.D. was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She moved to Florida in 2002 and lives there today with her husband of 37 years. She has two children and one beloved grand daughter whom she spoils as much as she can. She is an avid reader and crafter and decided to put those two loves together and Swag by NaNa was born. After working around author’s for a few years, she asked a couple to look at a story she had written and was blown away that they liked it. They pushed her to finish it and her first novel Fighter’s Claim, an MC romance came to be. She writes strong alpha males and sassy intelligent women. Welcome to her world!

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