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    Book Review Express 5 Star Review Corner brings you “Stone” Book 1 in Mardi Maxwell’s New Time Travel Sci-fi Series (Review Below)



    In 2230 Earth was invaded by an alien species. After years of war, the men are gone and the women are left to fight for the survival of the human race. When one of the aliens’ time travel devices is discovered a task force is formed to bring some of Earth’s most elite soldiers into the future.

    Lieutenant Sunny Blake is ordered to travel back to 2125 and retrieve Lieutenant Jefferson W. Stone. Sunny can lead a squad of fighters and keep them alive, but she’s never had to deal with a man like Stone. A man whose reputation on and off the battlefield has proceeded him into the twenty-third century.

    Stone has two interests. High-risk missions and lust-filled nights of pleasure with the many ladies who pursue him. Finding himself thrust into the future, where the women know how to fight but don’t know what to do with a lusty man, is the last place he’d ever want to be.


    The story takes place in 2230 A.D., a time when aliens have destroyed earth as we know it and in the process killing all males earthlings and leaving the women to fight the aliens. The females also study the aliens that are captured and learn they have a way to go back in time! They devise a plan to go back and get the best male fighters and bring them forward to the present. They pick men for their various skills that are about to die and will leave no family attachments. They will then give these men the the option to live in the future and help them defeat the aliens and re-populate earth or return to their deaths in their own era.

    First Lieutenant Jefferson Stone is a one of those guys your mom always warned you about: Tall Gorgeous and thinks he’s God’s Gift to Women but he is also one of history’s most skilled soldiers. Yet he was Lieutenant Sunlyn ”Sunny” Blake dream guy despite all the stories about his cocky arrogant prowess! So when the chance to go back in time and bring Stone to their camp, Sunny calls “Dibs”. The story that follows will have you laughing one minute and saying OMG the next! The mission they face is dangerous and involves combining old school and new technology. But one thing seems to always stay the same throughout time; when men and women get together there are sparks, fires and a chance for a HEA. But sometimes they get the sparks, fire and pure agony.

    2 THUMBS UP for a great book and this reader is looking forward to reading book 2 in the series.

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