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    Book Review Express 5 Star Review Corner brings you “Street Smart” Book 2 in the Smart Investigations series by Sam Cheever. This Book has it all: Suspense, Intrigue, Humor and Romance (review below)



    Fractured love, treachery and cold-blooded murder…

    A nightmarish new case plunges Alex and Matthew into personal and professional chaos as they pursue a killer who traffics in the most vile of human traits. They quickly learn that the current killings are somehow tied to a decades old murder, which comes with a hefty mix of suspects. As they begin to dig into the cold case, they start to realize that one of their suspects is hiding an evil so horrific it can barely stand the light of day.

    Unfortunately, the evil they stalk is only one side of a multi-sided problem. Twisted around old loves and never forgotten treacheries, the case threatens their growing feelings for each other and dangerously undermines their professional relationship, while pitting them against a killer more deadly than any they’ve faced. Can they survive the dual threat? Will they reach for each other when things get rough? Or will they let misunderstanding and menace kill the future they’ve started building together?



    If you like Suspense, Intrigue, Humor and Romance; Street Smart and the Smart Investigations Series is the way to go.
    Street Smart is another Great addition to the Smart Investigations Case Log. Ms. Cheever has upped her game with this one. With Smart Alex (book 1) we met the Smart family and learned of the Investigation Business that Matthew Smart owned and operated. We also met Alex, Matthew’s new sexy temporary assistance, and her role in Matthew’s life. Street Smart takes off from there. Ms. Cheever lets us delve deeper in the the family’s lives as well as Matthew and Alex’s relationship as they take on another mysterious case. However this case touches a little too close to home and has everyone on edge.

    Alex’s former fiancé, Ben, comes to Alex for help when he wakes up covered in blood and looking ragged. He is the police’s #1 suspect in a murder investigation and Ben is convinced he just may have done it. The trouble is, he can’t remember anything but a few images that keep popping in his head. Alex is convinced that the Ben she knows would never commit murder but Matthew isn’t so sure bases on the early facts. But Matthew will do almost anything to help Alex learn the truth – and sets out to help her gather the facts as to what happened. This is a fabulous story that will keep you on your toes and guessing what’s going on to the very end. The plot only thickens as it hits closer and closer to home with facts turning up from Alex’s past (things that drive Matthew and Alex harder to learn the truth but for very different reasons).

    2 Thumbs up for an awesome book that you do not want to miss and if you haven’t read book 1, We highly recommend it too.

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