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    “Strokes of Gold” by K E Osborn! An Crazy Romance at Olympic Time (review below)



    A lot can happen at the Olympic Games… you just have to get there first.

    My name is Lacy LaBelle. I’m a swimmer, and my story is a rocky one.
    My life hasn’t been easy, my father kicked me out at sixteen making my dreams of Gold a hell of a lot harder. But with my best friend’s parents taking me under their wing, my dreams became something to strive for.

    Now I’ve found my way to the Olympic trials, and nothing will stop me from securing my ticket to the Games.


    Except, maybe my brain telling me I’m going to freeze, the girl who’s intent on seeing me fail, and not to mention the hot guy who’s taking my breath away.

    Everything is a distraction.

    Will I get my ticket to the Olympics?
    Will my hard work see me swim the epic strokes of Gold?


    What a great tale of young love with happy times and heartbreaks. It’s a wonderful story of growing up hard while following your heart and going for your dreams!

    Lacy is swimmer going for Gold along with her best friend Caro. Lacy has overcome a lot in her short life. At age 16 she froze during her first Olympic qualifying swim meet which in turn got her disowned by her parents and thrown out of the house. Yet she persevered and is once again aiming for Olympic Gold 4 years later. At the qualifying meet she meets Coby, a male swimmer. Sparks fly and the attraction is almost instant. At the same time her best friend Caro meets East – Coby’s best friend! The four become inseparable. But outside factors seem determined to once again cause Lacy troubles. Seems like every time she starts on a good path life smacks her down!

    Will she make it to the Olympic Games this time? Do any of the 4 make it? Has Lacy finally found someone who will be by her side no matter what or at the first sign of trouble is he gone? This is a wonderful story with some strong life lessons thrown in.

    I highly recommend reading Stokes of Gold and when you’re done, I dare you to not have a warm heart!

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