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    Erin Trejo’s “Tank” Book 2 in the MC Fallen Angel series. If you like Alpha Male Bikers, who live and love hard, you’ll love Tank.
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    Tank’s life began and ended when he got involved with the Fallen Angel’s MC. That same year his ex-girlfriend, Candy took his little girl and ran. Tank lived through the club trying to pick up the pieces of his broken life. Years later his daughter Bella shows up on his doorstep alone. With her mother missing, Tank takes his daughter in and loves her. When Tank met Cher his world seemed to be falling into place. He had his daughter back and his new girlfriend. Life seemed good, too good. When his life is sent into a tailspin, he relies on his club to protect his family from the one person that hurt both of his girls. Will Tank be able to come to terms with the past and keep his newfound family together or he will lose them all again?



    Tank is VP of his Motorcycle Club. His brothers in the club are all the family Tank has since his ex wife walked out on him taking his baby girl, Belle, with her almost 16 years ago. But his life takes a turn when his 16 year old daughter show up at the club, her mom having run off and left her, plus he has new Old Lady, Cher. And thus the story begins. Tank tries to raise Belle away from the club life but when trouble hits, he must move his girls to the clubhouse for their safety. What Tank doesn’t know is both his girls have been hurt (physically and mentally) by a rival club. What happens when Tank finally learns the whole truth? When trouble from the past comes back to haunt them can Tank protect both of them? Can Tank give his girls the life they need and desperately need?

    2 thumbs up for an great read that will have you turning the page after page to see what’s going to happen next. I highly recommend this one and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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