The Rule Breaker by Cat Carmine

  • The Rule Breaker by Cat Carmine
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    “The Rule Breaker” by Cat Carmine.
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    He’s the bad boy … but I’m the one breaking all the rules.

    I’ve always been the quintessential good girl. I don’t just follow the rules — I write them. As an advice columnist, I’m always telling people how to not screw up their lives.

    So you’d think I’d know better than to bang some random guy in a bar bathroom.

    But nope. Apparently not.

    Now I’ve got even bigger problems, though. Because it turns out that wasn’t just some random guy. It was Tyler Grant. Rich. Playboy. Devastatingly gorgeous. Oh, and the publisher of my new dating advice book.

    All my instincts are telling me to run like hell. It’s what I’d advise anyone else to do.

    But nope. I’ve had a taste, and I’m hooked.

    Now I’m calling him at ungodly hours and showing up at his house drunk and begging for sex and tacos. In other words, breaking every rule in my own damn book.

    Of course, you don’t have to be an advice columnist to know a bad boy and a good girl are never going to work out. Someone’s going to get their heart broken.

    And my guess? It isn’t going to be him.

    Review By Barbara

    I Loved this RomCom. It’s very well written and the characters felt like your old friends in no time. The author has written a hilarious storyline that had me laughing to the point of tears on many occasions. It is a lighthearted romance that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

    Emma is a self-help columnist who has written her first book: a guide to dating and modern relationships. A book she proud of and believes in. You see Emma lives and believes in living a safe lifestyle. She doesn’t take chances and she sure doesn’t do wild and spontaneous. Well that is up until she meets the sexy, larger than life, Tyler Grant. He seems to bring out the crazy in her and it always seems to backfire and leave her beat red and wondering what just happened?

    Tyler has been living “the high life”. Traveling the world, doing whatever he wants on his trust fund. At least he was right up until his dad forces him to grow up and take charge of one of the family businesses. Tyler is determined to succeed and prove to his father he’s not a failure. But when he meets the publishing companies latest self-help author, Emma, he inadvertently sets off a whirlwind of events. Events that may cost him a whole lot more that proving his worth to his father; events just may cost Emma her sanity.

    I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s fast paced, funny and romantic all rolled up in one great storyline. Grab it up and enjoy, you won’t be sorry you did.

    Review By Kathy

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    Cat Carmine:

    Cat Carmine writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy. She also happens to like drinking wine, eating cake, buying too many books, and snuggling with her elderly cocker spaniel (oh, and her husband too.) She loves — and writes — books with sweet and sarcastic heroines and strong, sexy heroes who like a little bark with their bite. She thinks witty banter is the best kind of foreplay, and she tries to infuse all her stories with heart, humor and heat.

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