Tic, Soulless Bastards MC #3

  • Tic, Soulless Bastards MC #3
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    “Tic” (Soulless Bastards MC No Cal #3) by Erin Trejo (review below)

    Synopsis for Tic

    My son means the world to me. He’s all I have. His mom left us when he was born. I raised him. He’s mine. The club is my home. It’s his too. After losing too many babysitters, Brooke’s friend, Ashley stepped in to watch Jameson. She was a good girl, one I knew I couldn’t have. Until I had her. Now I want to keep her. Sometimes what we want the most isn’t what’s in front of our eyes. Things change. Accidents happen and our lives are torn in half.

    I had money but I loved to work. When I quit my job and went to the clubhouse, I didn’t expect my next job to be a tiny shaggy-haired boy. Jameson quickly grew on me. So, did his dad, Tic. We became close even though we knew it wouldn’t work between us. When his ex, Jameson’s mom shows up, all hell breaks loose. No one knows where they stand anymore.

    Review By Barbara

    JUST WOW! What an amazing read that had my emotions on a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. May I start by saying the author has written an amazing storyline, even if I did want to scream at her a time or two. The storyline is full of action, drama, romance and suspense all dealing around Tic and his son, Jameson.

    Tic has been raising his son alone since Jameson was a month old and his mother left them. He’s a great kid that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you read along. As for Tic, he’s a rough, tough biker with a chip on his shoulder but one thing is for sure he is totally devoted to one two things: his son and the MC/brotherhood.

    There is so much I want to say in this review but I refuse to spoil this one. All I can say is it is Totally a MUST READ. The twists, turns and surprises will have you on the edge of your seat and your emotions will definitely take a wild ride but the book is so worth it. I can’t recommend Tic enough. This is one book if I could give it more stars I definitely would, 5 just doesn’t seem enough. 2 Thumbs Up for a phenomenal read and Kudos to Ms. Trejo for a job extremely well done.

    Review By Kathy

    Holy crap…this book is, is, holy crap! This book is one rough ride that will sucker-punch you and break your heart, mend it back then rip it right out of your chest! But you will recover and your heart will heal and you will find that this is by far one of the best books that Erin Trejo has written to date!
    Exciting, painful, lust filled, sweet and loving, intense and powerful, you will not put this book down until you have reached the end. Oh and the end…I really did love the end.

    Tic, handsome, grumpy and oh so totally in love with his young son that you can plainly read it on his face every time he is around Jameson, his little mini-me. He’s having trouble finding someone to watch the little boy and he has to go on a run but who does he get to watch “J”? Ashley, Brooke’s best friend offers to watch him while Tic is gone, hesitantly he agrees since he’s not too trusting when it comes to his little boy, but when she runs out after him to question him about allergies and doctor’s numbers, he knows he can trust her. But trusting her with his son is one thing as she begins to embed herself under his skin and he finds himself falling for her. But these happy days are soon going to be filled with danger and fear as someone is wanting to take his son, placing not only “J” in danger but Ashley too as she swears she would lay down her life for that little boy.

    I highly recommend this book and I recommend you put your seatbelt on for this one because people, you are in for one bumpy ride!

    Kudos to the author on a job well done!


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    Meet the Author

    Erin Trejo
    Ms. Trejo is a wife, mother, child chauffeur and author. She loves being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end. Her books do not stick to just one genre, they span many.

    She writes about things that are real life situations and fairy tales are not always smooth sailing. Her MC books are hard and gritty and they have struggles just like you would in life.

    Ms. Trejo also has books that are not so in your face. There are several that are good love stories that are fraught with issues that the characters have to deal with.

    Author Social Links

    Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/erin-trejo
    Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/default/e/B00U0RXH80/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorerintrejo/

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