Wreaking Havoc, by Harley Stone

  • Wreaking Havoc, by Harley Stone
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    Book Review Express Review Corner brings you
    “Wreaking Havoc” from the Dead President Series by Harley Stone. (review below)

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    18+ for language and sexual situations…

    Fresh out of jail, Dead Presidents MC Sargent at Arms, Marcus “Havoc” Wilson, is trying to lay low and keep his PTSD-induced temper under control while helping other military veterans rejoin society. In search of relaxation techniques, Havoc stumbles upon an alluring bookstore owner with a violent past of her own who’s able to calm him down in ways he’s never experienced.

    Julia Edwards gave up her life of privilege the minute she tried to kill her ex-husband, and she doesn’t want it—or him—back. As a small Seattle bookstore owner, she’s determined to spend her days hidden between the covers of romance novels until her real-life fantasy appears and shakes up her entire existence.

    Can these two attempted murderers find peace together? Or will the loose ends from their past unravel their future?

    Review By Barbara:

    Fantastic addition to the series. Once again the author has written a wonderful storyline with characters that you just want to scoop up and hug. YEP even those alpha bikers. Her writing style will have you feeling everything from excitement, anger and of course swooning.

    The Dead Presidents are so much more than just bikers in a brotherhood. These are all exmilitary that have come back from the service that are all struggling with their own personal wartime demons. Men that have formed family that will have each other’s backs as well as help them get a handle on their issues. The storyline in both Book 1 (Link’d Up) and Wreaking Havoc (Book 2) are MC style of exciting and of course very sexy reads but they are also touching and emotional reads. The author has just done such an amazing job with both books you’ll just feel like you are right there fighting their personal battles with them as well as feeling the love and connection with their brother and women.

    This is Havoc’s Story. To say he has temper issues might be a little mild. But he has a compassionate heart of gold and when he sees a wrong being done, especially to a woman or defenseless person his temper flares. He meets Julia, a woman who has given up her pampered wealthy lifestyle, in a bookstore, a woman who wants his help. She offers him a proposition he can’t refuse. From here the author takes you on a wild exciting ride. Can these two end up helping each other. Will their lifestyles keep them at arms length?

    I Highly recommend this series to all biker and military romance fans. I say 2 Thumbs Up and this reader is looking forward to Trapping Wasp, Book 3 in the Dead Presidents series. To Ms. Stone I say Kudos on a terrific series with a lot of action, excitement and romance but that also has an underlying meaning that everyone can and should take to heart. 5 Amazing Stars for Wreaking Havoc.

    Meet the Author

    Harley Stone:
    Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she’s not writing, she’s busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys.

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